Settlement modalities

Price model 1 and 2

The price models 1 and 2 address users using WMACCESS on a regular basis. In both cases the monthly royalty is composed of two components:

Monthly royalty
Fixed part Variable part
Basic fees Query fees

For an intensive use price model 1 is most suitable, since here the low query costs compensate the higher monthly basic fee. For the occasional use we recommend price model 2 with higher query fees, but a lower monthly basic fee.

Find a comparison of the two price models in the comparing matrix of the price models.

Price model 3 (WMACCESS On-Demand)

Price model 3 also bears the name "WMACCESS On-Demand" and particularly addresses users with a rather sporadic or marginal use with a clear benefit: If within one month no query is carried out, no costs are incurred for the user. Consequently this price model is especially suitable for the seasonal query demand, e. g. of tax consultant.

Price model 3 uses package prices with queries included. They are, however, only charged when used, therefore the supplement is "On-Demand".

As soon as within a billing cycle (that is a calendar month) at least one query is performed, the starter package is charged. The starter package includes 20 queries - the charging of the included queries starts with the moment of the first query and ends with the end of the calendar month in which the first query was made.

Queries exceeding the included queries of the on-demand package are charged at the individual query price of the relevant package. If the individual queries exceed the included queries of the next higher upgrade package, the current package is automatically upgraded to the package in which the included queries were exceeded by the individual queries.


Cost simulation for all three price models

To help you choose the optimal price model, we provide an Excel file that you can use to calculate the resulting costs.
It also illustrates the special calculation practice in price model 3 with the automatic upgrade behavior.

Notes on the Excel file:

All information from you is to be carried out in the yellow highlighted fields on the left side. The following information is required:

In the middle part of the Excel file the total costs for all three price models are presented in comparison.
Below that is the detailed composition of the costs in price models 1 and 2.
To the right is the composition of the costs in price model 3, including the indication of which package was automatically selected for the corresponding number of queries in connection with the costs of the additional queries that exceed the inclusive performance of the packages.


Details on the query fee categories

For all three price models the queries are divided into three different categories. It is differentiated between functional queries that are performed through wmView or wmProfile or another user-specific query profile, and those in wmGuide.
Functional queries are divided into the categories T1 to T6, queries in wmGuide into G1 to G6.
The following list contains a schedule of the query category, type of query and quality, which lead to charging:

Functional queries:

Category Type of query Quality
T1 Search with standard mode Hit list
T2 Search with expert mode or user-specific profile Hit list
T3 Selection of a hit from the hit list, detail display without hit list or user-specific detail display for the products
- GAT (master data and corporate actions)
- A&R (investment & risk management)
- IFP (investment fund prices)
- IFK (investment fund characteristics)
- OHC (stock/futures exchanges and trading practices)
Detail display
T4 Explicit selection of a WKN / ISIN and a field-ID / query of the field history of a field-ID Single field display / field history > 1 hit
T5 Selection of a hit from the hit list, detail display without hit list or user-specific detail display (1 AG) for the products
- DEV (derivatives)
Detail display
T6 Selection of a hit from the hit list, detail display without hit list or user-specific detail display (1 AG) for the product
- BBP (calculated bond prices)
- MiFID II - Reference data
- MiFID II - Target market
Detail display


Queries in wmGuide:

Category Type of query Quality
G1 Register field:
Selection of a field identification
Display of a field description
G2 Register segment:
Selection of a segment
Segment with all fields
G3 Register introduction:
Selection of the introduction
Display of the introduction pages incl. paging within the introduction
G4 Register list of tables & fields:
Selection of a table
Display of the table characteristics (value incl. description)
G5 Register fields:
research field name
Hit list of the searched text string
G6 Register fields:
research field ident
Hit list of the searched field string



A service contract is needed for the productive use of WMACCESS via Internet. A contract can be downloaded as a pdf-file.

Download copy of the contract (English)

Download copy of the contract (German)

A separate contract with WM Datenservice is not necessary.

Additional instructions and free express setup available


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