wmView - Search functionality

wmView provides a standard search for every work field: This search function offers the classical features like WKN, ISIN., indication of the security. In order to narrow the search, further search fields are available, independent of the relevant work field.

Standard search / expert search

In addition to the standard search there are many work fields that provide an expert search, among them master data, income, conversion, capital increases, and shareholder meeting: This expert search function offers further search criteria in order to achieve a more precise, specific search. As a rule, additional date fields and / or master data fields are available.

Standard search function

Expert search function

Input of search criteria


In the case of ISIN and WKN the search does not differ between small and capital letters. Also incomplete entries like a 5-digit WKN or 11-digit ISIN are possible.


Other alpha-numerical fields

For all other alpha-numerical fields wildcards can be used. Supported are "_" for 1 unknown character or "%" for several unknown characters.


Date fields

For date fields always two possible entry fields are offered as search criterion. The first field contains the "from" date, the second field the "to" date. If a value is only entered into the first field, data sets greater or equal to this date are searched. If a value is only entered into the second field, data sets smaller or equal to this date are searched.
The specification of date fields can be made with or without forward slashes; the year, however, must have 4 digits. The control key F9 enables a comfortable date selection with paging function.


Numerical fields

For numerical fields always two input fields are offered as search criterion. This way one can search for data sets whose numerical value in this WM field lies within the specified range (both input fields are used). As an alternative only one input field can be filled in for research that requires information that is greater than/equal or smaller than/equal to the input data.

In the english locale of WMACCESS a full stop (.) must be used as decimal mark.


WM fields with ranges of value (e. g. currencies, countries...)

For WM fields with ranges of value, two acquisition possibilities for the specification of the search criteria are offered. In order to get an overview of the possible attributes one can either click onto the double arrow or use the control key F9. In this case a selection window opens with the possible attributes that the WM field may contain. This selection window also provides a search / sorting function. The selection is made by double clicking on the desired value(s).

If the key values are known, the relevant abbreviation can be entered directly. Multiple values must be separated by commas. If the input field is quit, the valid values are immediately displayed in the search criteria with the long term. Invalid values remain in the input field and can be corrected.


For every WM field that serves as a search criterion, a comfortable display of the field description and table attributes is available with the optional module wmGuide.

The search itself is started by pressing the search button or the key [ENTER] or [RETURN]. For portfolio-related queries an additional search function is displayed.

Selection of another work field

The change of the search mask for another work field is made by clicking on the name of the current profile or the key combination [ALT] & [A]

Activation change of profile

Provided work fields / profiles.


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