Field history

Display of Historical Values of many WM Fields

WMACCESS allows the display of historical values of many WM fields. The field history is available for all users with the basic module wmView and for example can be used for the following researches:

  • What was the generic name before the change of the company's legal status?
  • How did the shares outstanding of a fund develop, how many shares were outstanding by the end of last year?
  • When was the MiFID risk indicator changed from 4 to 6?
  • When was an income data set cancelled?
  • When was the value in field ED008A changed to 0.395?
  • When was the current content in field ED120 delivered?

The field history can be scanned for many WM fields. Please just click on the name of the field like 'Net div./income':

One click on the field's name activates the field history.

Field history for WM field ED039A. Also the delivered additional texts (comments) are integrated into the history and can be displayed.

The entries are sorted, the latest delivered value is displayed at the beginning of the list. The column "value" contains the value delivered by WM sorted by delivery date according to the third column.

The field history can also be consulted for the identification of deleted fields. In this connection also values are displayed that were delivered before the deletion:

First the empty fields must be uncovered.

Field history for the WM field ED008D. Time of deletion and previous data including delivery date.

Due to the very extensive amount of data the following restrictions apply:

  • Historical values are not saved for all fields. However, almost all individual fields (no linkage fields like GV620 and no continuous texts / text fields such as GD998 or GD472) in the fields of master data, income data, issuer data, exchanges, capital changes and general meetings are covered.
  • Usually historical information of the past and current calendar year are saved. Partially however, especially in the case of tax-relevant fields, even beyond that.
  • Some WM fields, among them the name of the investment company (GD270C), are delivered almost on a daily basis, without an alteration compared to the previous value did occur. These data deliveries of an unaltered value are deleted on a regular (weekly) basis, so that afterwards only the initial alteration of the newly delivered value is displayed.


Before Cleanup Regular Cleanup of deliveries of unaltered data values After Cleanup
Deliv. date Value Deliv. date Value
09/04/2009 Name 3 09/04/2009 Name 3
08/04/2009 Name 2    
07/04/2009 Name 2 07/04/2009 Name 2
06/04/2009 Name 1 06/04/2009 Name 1


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