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The profile Settlement provides bank-intern departments with targeted information about the settlement of securities. It also contains information on the custody possibility, clearing agencies, clearing information or the storage country of the enquired instrument.

Detail display for the query profile "Settlement".

Alternative Identification

The identification of securities is manifold - each instrument in WMACCESS has an ISIN as well as a German security code number (WKN). ISIN and WKN are available as search criteria in all query profiles - via the profile Alternative Identification WMACCESS users can use the known identification in order to find the desired security and the relevant ISIN and WKN. Further, alternative identification parameters like the Swiss securities id (VALOR) can also be enquired with this profile.

Search mask for the query profile "Alternative Identification".

Detail display for the query profile "Alternative Identification".


Collateralisation and Funding

The profile collateralisation and funding contains information on the collateralisation of fixed or variable interest bearing securities. Among them are ranking of securitisations, trustee stock eligibility, premium reserve fund and asset eligibility or guarantor.

Detail display "Collateralisation & Funding".


Extended Issuer data

The profile Extended Issuer data contains information on the stock corporation and the issuers of a fixed or variable interest bearing security. Further, the profile comprises the company affiliations as well as the issue amount, outstanding amount and other sums.

Detail display "Extended Issuer data".


IPO (Initial Public Offering)

The profile IPO contains important information on new issues of securities. Information on new issues of shares as well as issues of fixed or variable interest bearing securities are available here.

Detail display "IPO (Initial Public Offering)"


Regulatory Reporting

This profile contains relevant information from the field of reporting, for example: reporting obligation paragraph 9 WpHG in accordance with MiFID and FRUG (the German MiFID implementation act), portfolio statistics reports on the foreign trade and payments regulation (AWV), balance sheet statistics (BISTA), stock market eligibility, risk assets.

Detail display "Regulatory Reporting"


SECTRAS offers an efficient and individually customisable solution portfolio to manage securities reporting requirements in Germany.


Interest information

The profile Interest Information contains relevant information on fixed or variable interest bearing securities as well as interest master data.

Detail display "Interest information".


Direct query field ident

The profile direct query field ident enables the targeted query of an individual WM field about an instrument. This is particularly interesting for master data fields (work section G). Also, for cost reasons, a query for an individual field may be attractive, since a detail display triggers a query of the more appropriate category T4 - instead of T3 in the case of a total master data query.

Search mask direct query field ident with open field ident list.

Detail display direct query field ident with display of the field ident from the previous screenshot.


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