Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II

On 03.01.2018, the requirements of the EU Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) and the accompanying Regulation (MiFIR) entered into force.

The data for the MiFID II Regulation is displayed in WMACCESS Internet in four different query profiles:

Reference data

The query profile MiFID II - Reference data contains most of the topics related to MiFID II, as for example:

  • Tick size as per MiFID II
  • Classification of pre-/ post-trade relevance
  • Transaction reporting as per Art. 26 MiFIR

Target market

The query profile MiFID II - Target market facilitates to query the target market allocations necessary with the introduction of MiFID II Art. 16 & Art. 24 and to carry out target market controls (Product Governance).

Cost transparency

The WM fields in the query profile MiFID II - Cost transparency have a master data character. They only contain a current value, low change frequency.

Some of the fields included, with information on ex ante costs for investment funds, are:

  • GV1D0 Running fund costs (estimated)
  • GV1D2 Event-related costs (fund)


Ongoing indicators

The contained fields, in the query profile Ongoing indicators (J), have information on ex ante and ex post costs as date related data with complete history.

For securitized derivatives / structured products, the entry and exit costs as well as the ongoing costs per calendar year are offered in fields JV001, JV002 and JV003. For investment funds, field JV005 displays the costs reported by the KVG in the specified period.


Use this page to find out which query profile contains a particular WM field.

Where to find the WM-Field?

Further regulatory data

In addition to the MiFID 2 data, also PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products) reference data is covered in the extensive WMACCESS data spectrum.


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