WMACCESS – Tax Relevant Financial Data

WMACCESS via Internet allows the query of information on securities, especially tax-relevant financial data like interim profits, capital gains of equities and from real estates, and securities master data as well as all income data for a comprehensive tax reporting like income statements and annual certificates for tax purposes.

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The provided range of data includes:

  • Securities master data (classifications, reporting ...)
  • Issuer master data
  • Dividends, interest payments, investment distributions incl. all tax-relevant details on income (cash or retained), as well as other distributions
  • Investment fund prices and interim profits (with historical data from 01.01.1994) including equity profits, property profits, accumulated deemed distribution income, accumulated increase, and other parameters of the EU savings directive for Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria
  • Investment fund characteristics (fund characteristic, investment focus, conformity with directives, offering premiums, management fees, total expense ratio and much more)

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On October 23, 2017 the 84. WM Release will become effective. We would like to inform you about some upcoming alterations beforehand. more »

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