wmView - Detail display

The Detail display of a data set is found by selecting a data set from the hit list or directly, if the search criteria leads to only one data set.

Detail display of an income data set for ISIN 'SG1M77906915' from October 27, 2009.

The detail display always comprises the not empty data fields of the relevant query profile or work field. Empty fields can be displayed by clicking on "> field ident":

Show empty data fields

Empty fields can be displayed by a click.

By a second click the empty fields vanish.

The headline of the WMACCESS detail display comprises basic information on the security like ISIN, abbreviation and WKN, as well as technical information which are very helpful especially in the event of queries for a clear identification of a data set.

On the left side of the detail display the name (short name) of the displayed WM field as well as the relevant field identification can be found.
The long name is available in a Tooltip. This tooltip is displayed when the user hovers the pointer over the displayed short name.

Tooltip with long name for WM linkage field EV407

Tooltip with long name for WM linkage field EV407

For each field identification the delivered value is displayed. If a WM field is allocated to a distinct value area (e. g. country code), the relevant information text is displayed.

Structure of a detail display.

Structure of a detail display.

For the three fields GD240 (Original issuer number), GD241 (Issuer number of the umbrella fund), and GD245 (Current issuer number) the associated current issuer name (MD031) is displayed.

For each WM field contained in the detail display a comfortable display of the field description and table attributes is available via the optional module wmGuide. Since wmGuide is integrated context-relatedly in the detail list, a click on the field identification, e. g. ED001 or ED002A is sufficient.

Historical characteristics of individual WM fields as well as the relevant delivery date can be seen in the wmView detail display by clicking on the field name like Status Payment for ED001.

A further helpful function of the detail display are tooltips (sort information) for linkage fields like GV620 (further stock markets and market segments):

Tooltips in linkage fields of detail display.

If the cursor is on a headline column, the auxiliary field of the linkage is displayed.

If the cursor is held on an entry of a linkage field, the delivered value is displayed as a tooltip (here: "Value: AJ9"), in addition to the display of the text (here: "Berlin - TRADEGATE").

Frozen WM fields like GD511 (half income assessment method), are no longer updated and delivered for new instruments or current corporate actions. When viewing older data sets, especially in the field of income data, however, these frozen fields on older legal frame conditions can be of interest.

For better optical distinction frozen fields are presented in a lighter text colour in the detail display, like ED215 in the following example.

Presentation of frozen WM fields using the example of ED215

Presentation of frozen WM fields using the example of ED215

As a matter of course every wmView detail display can be printed completely. Microsoft Internet Explorer further provides a print preview via a button in the tool bar or the context menu.


The query history allows a fast access to past detail displays.


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