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Relaunch of the WMACCESS website

In the recent weeks and months we have intensively worked on the new design of the WMACCESS website regarding content and look. Today we are happy to be able to present you with much new information. An English version is also being planned and will be implemented later.

The objective of our new website, besides the integration of many additional pictures and illustrations on various WMACCESS modules, is also to provide more information about our optional services and products. These particularly include the Monitoring of WM data as well as the Provision of individual data feeds

An extensive collection of Frequently asked questions and their answers is also part of the new contents of our relaunched website.

We look forward to every Feedback, be it criticism, compliment or suggestion.


Interim release of the 60th WM release

With the interim release of the 60th release on November 30, 2009 new fields were introduced also in WMACCESS. A short overview of the new fields is provided in the following list:

Query profile - Securities master data (G)

  • GD863 Income adjustment procedure
  • GV864 Investment income tax exemption upon presentation of non-assessment certificate (NV)

Query profile - Income (E)

  • ED318 Investment fund distribution resolution
  • ED319 Offsettable foreign withholding tax at custodian banks
  • ED320 Fictitious offsettable foreign withholding tax at custodian banks
  • ED008J Zero identifier in ED008G

Further information from WM Datenservice:

Special Information F28 as of 06.11.2009


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