Monitoring of WM data

Notifications in the Case of Alterations and Corrections

  • Do you need to monitor certain master data fields which are relevant for the operative business?
  • Do you need to monitor corporate actions for your existing instruments?
  • Have you generated your tax reports for the previous year and want to be informed about subsequent alterations / corrections?
  • Do you want to avoid unnecessary inquiries in the dialog process?

The Solution: wmObserve

You send us the instruments to be monitored, identified by the ISIN. This can be done comfortably either via the graphical user interface by WMACCESS, or automated by FTP-Upload.

Further, you define the WM fields to be monitored, e. g. GD504B (application of investment tax law) or GV646 (group integrations).

wmObserve now daily controls the WM updates processed by us and checks whether a monitored WM field for your security was delivered.

Afterwards wmObserve generates an email containing the hits found and adds a hyperlink to each hit which leads directly to the relevant WMACCESS mask in order to verify the alterations of the security.

As an alternative to individual WM fields also further events that need monitoring can be defined, e. g.:

  • Cancellation of an ADDI estimated value in connection with the publication of the accumulated distributed earning
  • Absence of an interim profit publication
  • Merger or liquidation of investment funds
  • Belated corrections of interim profits
  • Change of a fund from transparent to intransparent

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Targeted monitoring
  • Fast reaction possible
  • No more inquires on a regular basis in order to find alterations of particular attributes.
  • Belated alterations of possibly already closed corporate actions can be edited immediately.
  • Recognisable alteration by inquiring the historised values possible.

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