Access report

Overview of the performed queries for cost transparency

WMACCESS access report provides users with the opportunity of an overview of the performed queries within a freely selectable period of time.

The access report delivers data in real time, without any delay. This allows an easy cost control, because transparency is important to us!

The section 'wmView' stands for all query profiles (wmView, wmProfile and user profiles).

After the search an overview of the queries, classified by type of query and the relevant number, is displayed.

A double click on a line leads to the display of the individual accesses including the time of the access.

The tab 'Summary' contains an abstract of all minuted queries of the selected period.

Query Reference

Aggregation by query reference

Another evaluation option is provided by the query reference tab. For the selected period, the queries performed by the user are aggregated on the basis of the used query reference.



Use these possibilities in order to evaluate the switch to another price model.

Price models by comparison


A separate access report is provided for each WMACCESS user account. If there are several user accounts for one WMACCESS customer, the access report must be carried out for each user in order to determine the total number of queries and thus to be able to calculate and compare the total costs in the three WMACCESS price models.

Summary of the applications for the access evaluation:

  • Overview of the performed queries
  • Detail list with time stamp of the queries
  • Check how many queries were performed in the past in order to evaluate the switch to another price model.
  • Find out how many queries have been performed in the current month.
  • Cost control


The access evaluation can be comfortably opened via the WMACCESS menu:


A click on the third toolbar button from the right opens the WMACCESS menu.

Selecting option 'Access report'

A click on the option 'Access report' opens a new window.


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