User profiles

Individual query profiles for the research of WM data

The query profiles by wmView and wmProfile are available for all users of WMACCESS Internet and provide the same search criteria and the same hit list as well as detail displays for all users.

With the WMACCESS module user profile individual requirements can be met and institution or user-specific query profiles can be created without any programming effort.

Individual search mask

The search criteria of a customer-specific profile can be adapted. Besides the standard selection criteria ISIN, WKN and indication of the security, additional field identifications are possible.

Individual search mask: research for active Luxembourgian funds with reporting obligation in accordance with §9 securities trading act (WpHG).

Individual hit list

The fields contained in the hit list can also be adapted to individual requirements.

Individual hit list with further identification and characterisation parameters.


Individual detail display

In the display mode you can determine which fields from which section shall be displayed. The linkage between the individual sections is based on specific rules. We will be delighted to inform you about the possible constellations. Just contact our customer service.

Individual detail display: only those fields defined by the user are displayed and thus provide fast and targeted information.


The WMACCESS module user profile can also be opened via the WMACCESS menu, as far as individual profiles are already allocated to the user ID.


A click on the third toolbar button from the right opens the WMACCESS menu.

Selecting option 'User Profiles'

A click on the option 'user profiles' opens the module in a new window.


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