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The offered range of data includes:

  • Securities master data (classifications, interest information, regulatory reporting, repayment information...)
  • Issuer master data
  • Corporate actions
    • Dividends, interest payments, investment distributions incl. all tax-relevant details on income (cash or retained), as well as other distribution
    • Capital measures (subscription right, splits)
    • Administration (general meetings, mergers, investments, oppositions)
    • Deadlines (subscription or conversion rights, maturities, drawings)
  • Investment and risk management (company affiliations, risk weighting, shares outstanding, etc.)
  • Trade usages per instrument and stock exchange for a controlled Straight-Through-Processing
  • Investment fund prices and interim profits (with historical data from 01.01.1994), as well
    • Equity profits
    • Tax free capital gains from foreign real property
    • Accumulated deemed distribution income (ADDI)
    • Accumulated increase
    • Net asset value - NAV
    • parameters of the EU savings directive for Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria
  • Investment fund characteristics (fund parameters, investment focus, conformity with directives, offering premiums, management fees, total expense ratio and much more)
  • Master data fields for investment funds regarding the classification according to the German Investment Tax Act (InvStG) and the German Investment Code (KAGB)
  • Regulatory Data on PRIIPs - Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products
  • Data on compliance with MiFID II / MiFIR regulations including reference data, target market data, product governance, ex ante and ex post costs
  • Calculated bond prices
  • Derivatives (options & futures)


With this comprehensive range of data combined with a sound scope of functions WMACCESS provides the perfect solution for efficient and economic use for

  • Large banks
  • Private banks
  • Cooperative banks and savings banks
  • Transaction banks
  • Direct banks
  • Foreign banks
  • Securities-related service companies
  • Financial service providers
  • Investment companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Auditing companies
  • Management consultants
  • Fund managers
  • Tax consultants


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