wmView - Hit list

If several data sets are found for the entered search criteria, a hit list is displayed - for example when searching for earnings payouts of an instrument via ISIN or WKN without further search criteria like the ex-day. The hit list contains selective detailed information of the data sets.

Hit list of an income data search for ISIN 'SG1M77906915' with a total of 38 hits.

The hit list offers WMACCESS users a further helpful function. The advanced WMACCESS print function does not only allow to print the currently displayed hits - printing out all pages with all data sets found is also possible by mouse click.

Open print menu of the hit list

Open print menu of the hit list.

Print all pages

Selection: print current page or all pages.

Besides standard elements like ISIN, abbreviation and WKN, also other specialised detailed information are displayed in the hit list, depending on the profile or work field. For space reasons it is possible that not all further detailed information will be displayed immediately, but they are available for the user via the comfortable WMACCESS Toggle function. The Toggle function is opened by clicking on the last attribute of the hit list. Initially a selection window is displayed in order to exchange the current last column for another field information. As an alternative the key combination [ALT] & [+] bzw. [ALT] & [-] can be used in order to get to the next or previous field of information.

Activate selection window for Toggle function.

A click on the headline of the last headline column ...

The last column is replaced by another field.

... activates the window for the selection of the new information to be displayed, here ED005.

After using the Toggle function another information field is now displayed as the last column of the hit list.

The additional detail information of the wmView hit list contains a tooltip for the display of the relevant field ident of a headline:

Tooltip WM field in the headline of the hit list

A tooltip is displayed in the headline and shows the name of the WM field ident.

If the hit list comprises more than 25 hits, navigation buttons are displayed automatically:

Button Meaning Keyboard schortcut
Toolbar Button: To the end of the hit list Scroll to the end of the hit list Keyboard: Shift & Keyboard: End
Toolbar Button: One page down One page down Keyboard: Alt & Keyboard: Page down
Toolbar Button: One page up One page up Keyboard: Alt & Keyboard: Page up
Toolbar Button: To the beginning of the hit list Scroll to the beginning of the hit list Keyboard: Shift & Keyboard: Home

The pages are automatically turned back or forward, when the user clicks on the arrow key (up/down) again after reaching the last or first hit.


The query history allows fast access to previous hit lists without having to enter the former search criteria again.


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