Portfolio-related queries

The WMACCESS database comprises several millions of instruments, currently about 3,647,000 of them are active, living instruments.

A query for corporate actions like earnings payouts, capital measures or conversions with limitation to a measure-dependant date like ex-or payable date, conversion or subscription period hence also detects data sets of instruments that are neither in your portfolio, nor do they require a particular monitoring. The portfolio-related query function enables the optional limitation of the search results to instruments which were deposited by the user in the so-called portfolio groups or portfolio lists and thus provides a considerably increased efficiency.

Fields of application of portfolio-related queries

Applications are manifold, including:

  • Query of upcoming income data (dividends)
  • Query of upcoming conversion events, e. g. mergers or liquidations of funds
  • Query of upcoming capital measures
  • Query of corporate actions, e. g. via the query profile Corporate Actions in wmProfile
  • Query of upcoming drawings and cancellations, final maturities
  • Query of upcoming general meetings

Search all instruments (more than 3,647,000 active instruments)

Search all instruments.

More than 70,000 hits.

Portfolio-related search (approx. 5,700 portfolio instruments)

Portfolio-related search.

Only 84 relevant hits left.

Maintenance of portfolio lists (Upload ISIN, WKN)

The functionality of portfolio-related queries is represented by the optional module wmPos. The scope of wmPos includes the following functions:

  • Set up and maintenance of individual portfilio groups (portfolio lists). Using various portfolio groups can e. g. separate the instruments of the proprietary trading from instruments of the depot-B business.
  • Upload of any number of instruments, identified by ISIN or WKN, e. g. by copy and paste from an excel file.
  • Adding and deleting of individual instruments.
  • On request we provide you with a FTP access in order to carry out a daily automatic update of the portfolio groups.


You will find comprehensive instructions on the maintenance of portfolio groups, the upload of ISINs and many other tips in the following tutorial: Maintenance of portfolio groups (Download)

Active portfolio groups

In the event of several portfolio groups all instruments contained in a portfolio group allocated to the user are considered by Default in a portfolio-related query. The user can deactivate individual portfolio groups for a subsequent query at any time and thus limit the search to the instruments of the active portfolio groups.

Maintenance of active portfolio groups with the 'Amend' button.

Activation / deactivation of portfolio groups.

After saving, only the instruments of the active portfolio groups are considered in a portfolio-related query. This screen can therefore remain open in the background in order to easily and quickly select another combination of portfolio groups or instruments for the next query.


Administration of portfolio groups

The administration of portfolio groups can be opened via the WMACCESS menu:


A click on the third toolbar button from the right opens the WMACCESS menu.

Selecting option 'Portfolio Groups'

A click on the option 'Portfolio Groups' opens a new window.

Active portfolio groups

Selecting option 'Active Portfolio Groups'

The screen for the administration of the active portfolio groups is also opened via the WMACCESS menu:


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