MiFID II - Reference data

Reference data to meet the regulation as per MiFID II / MiFIR

Some of the main topics of the new MiFID II / MiFIR requirements are:

  • Classification of financial instruments
  • Identification of leverage products
  • Tick size as per MiFID II
  • Product Approval Procedure Identifier
  • Complexity identifier
  • Classification of pre-/ post-trade relevance
  • Transaction reporting as per Art. 26 MiFIR
  • Transaction reporting direct/indirect identifier
  • Target market classification
  • Cost transparency
  • Standard market size identification
  • Market and financial instrument liquidity classification
  • Market classification
  • Instrument with an embedded derivate identifier
  • FIRDS / ESMA identifier

The query profile MiFID II - Reference data contains most of these topics:

Detail display for the query profile MiFID II - Reference data

The data for target market classification and cost transparency are assigned to their corresponding own query profiles. In addition, a few fields are allocated into the existing query profile Stock exchanges & trading practices (X).


Included data fields in query profile MiFID II - Reference data

The query profile MiFID II - Reference data includes, among other data fields, the following:

  • GD193 ? Average daily turnover
  • GD209A MiFID II/MiFIR capital class
  • GD209B MiFID II/MiFIR asset class
  • GD209C MiFID II/MiFIR asset class addition
  • GD209E Pre-trade-relevance-MiFIR
  • GD209F Post-trade-relevance-MiFIR
  • GD209G Country of the most liquid market pursuant to regulation (EU) No. 600/2014
  • GD209H Standard market size MiFID II
  • GD209I MiFID II/MiFIR liquidity identifier
  • GD209J Article 26 transaction reporting pursuant to MiFIR
  • GD209K FIRDS identifier
  • GD209L Transaction reporting direct / indirect identifier
  • GD209N Financial instruments as per RTS 28 (MiFID II/MiFIR) classification
  • GD496K MiFID II complexity identifier
  • GD496L Leverage product identifier
  • GD496X Tick size as per MiFID II
  • GD497B Instrument with an embedded derivative identifier
  • GD662 Issuer country of origin
  • GD663A Securities trading Act Sec. 9 reporting
  • GD663B MiFID pre-trade relevance
  • GD663C MiFID post-trade relevance
  • GD663D WpHG Sec. 9 reporting on German unofficial markets
  • GD664 Complexity identifier
  • GD665 Country of most liquid market
  • GD666 Standard market size
  • GD668 Listing of funds on regulated markets
  • GD684B Financial instrument short name (FISN) 2016
  • GD689 ETF MiFID relevance
  • GD703 Liquidity
  • GD704 Fund special assets BIC/CIVIC
  • GV1A8 Pre-trade-relevance-MiFIR / date valid from/to
  • GV1A9 Post-trade-relevance-MiFIR / date valid from/to
  • GV2A0 Article 26-transaction reporting as per MiFIR / date valid from/to
  • GV2A7 Article 26-transaction reporting as per MiFIR (2)
  • GV2A8 Article 26-transaction reporting as per MiFIR (3)
  • GV2A9 Post-trade-relevance-MiFIR (2)
  • GV3A1 Post-trade-relevance-MiFIR (3)
  • GV3A2 Pre-trade-relevance-MiFIR (2)
  • GV3A4 Pre-trade-relevance-MiFIR (3)
  • GV356 WpHG Sec. 9 reporting / date valid from/to
  • GV357 MiFID pre-trade relevance / date valid from/to
  • GV358 MiFID post-trade relevance / date valid from/to
  • GV359 WpHG sec. 9 reporting on German open markets / date valid from/to

Please note that, for licensing reasons, most of the above GD fields are exclusively available in the wmProfile query profile for MiFID II - Reference data and thus are not available in the wmView Securities Master Data.


Query of MiFID II & MiFIR reference data

How are the MiFID 2 / MiFIR data presented?

The WMACCESS detail display shows the relevant reference data for a particular security for the above mentioned fields. A small excerpt of how these data is displayed can be found in the following illustration.

Detail display of a share as an equity instrument with a direct reporting obligation for Article 26 MiFIR


Functional explanations of regulatory fields

For each WM field, the optional module wmGuide can be used to enquire an extensive functional field description, often with references to the underlying guidelines and regulations.

Some examples of selected WM data fields:

wmGuide: field description and table attributes GD209A (MiFID II/MiFIR capital class)

wmGuide: field description and table attributes GD209B (MiFID II/MiFIR asset class)

wmGuide: field description and table attributes GD496K (MiFID II complexity identifier)

wmGuide: field description and table attributes GD209F (MiFID post-trade relevance)


Coverage of MiFID II data

For the topics mentioned above, our WMACCESS database currently contains data for all the 3.6 million active securities. For example: classification of financial instruments, complex product identification, product governance process, investor protection, target market specifications, presentation of costs (ex ante / ex post costs) and pre / post-trade relevance.

The active securities are spread over more than 200 different countries, including German securities, Swiss securities (VALOR), US ISINs, Luxembourg funds, securities from United Kingdom, from Netherlands, Austria, France and Italy.

What are the MiFID II - Reference data used for?

Some examples of applications for MiFID II reference data are:

  • Assistance in meeting legal requirements
  • Query of relevant reporting data according to MiFID II EU Directive
  • Data for internal and external information and reporting processes


Who uses WMACCESS to query regulatory data, such as MiFID 2 reference data?

  • Banks
  • Financial services provider
  • Fund companies
  • Securities services provider
  • Capital management companies
  • Asset management companies

How often are the MiFID II reference data updated?

The data on the MiFID II reference data fields are provided in the WM products MIR and MIR II on every trading day by WM Datenservice.

Can the query of MiFID II reference data be tested?

Yes, please apply for a free test access.


Please download the contract and carry out a free express installation by email.

Query costs:

For this query profile the query fee category T6 applies for price model 1 and 2.


On this page you will find an overview of the query profiles with the information in which query fee category a hit list or detail view falls.

Cost overview per query profile


Further regulatory data

In addition to the reference data for MiFID 2, further regulatory data is covered in the WMACCESS extensive data spectrum. Including:

Changes / corrections of MiFID II & MiFIR reference data

Would you like to receive a notification if, for example, the Tick size as per MiFID II (GD496X) changes for a security you manage? With our service for monitoring WM data, a portfolio-based monitoring is possible.

We also provide convenient monitoring for linkage fields, for example for corrections or changes in GV1A8 / GV1A9 with data on pre- / post-trade relevance according to regulation (EU) No 600/2014. You will automatically be informed about changes in the securities you manage.

Contact us for further details and prices.


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