wmProfile displays functional (partial) views on the WM data and is available for all WMACCESS users. The structure of the information is not based on the segments of Wertpapier-Mitteilungen like wmView, rather a query profile contains the information of a particular topic. For example the profile "Corporate Actions" allows a comprehensive search of the various corporate actions data segments of WM Datenservice or the profile "Extended Issuer Data" which contains selective instrument data with the relevant issuer master data.


wmProfile can be opened comfortably via the WMACCESS menu:


A click on the third toolbar button from the right opens the WMACCESS menu.

Selecting option 'wmProfile'

A click on the option 'wmProfile' opens the wmProfile in a new window.

Besides wmProfile the comprehensive query function by wmView which is organised into segments is also available for all WMACCESS users. We also create institution or user-specific query profiles in accordance with individual demands. In the so-called user profiles alterations in the fields search mask, hit list and detail display can be entered.


The WMACCESS Cheat Sheet is a miniature, comprehensive reference work that comprises useful information for the efficient use of wmView and the wmProfile.


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