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General notes

EDDy_neu project page / Test system

We have set up a very extensive EDDy_neu project page to inform you about the major project of WM Datenservice and to explain effects on and adjustments in WMACCESS.
A WMACCESS EDDy_neu test system is also available. Please note the information on our EDDy_neu project page about the test possibilities (incl. credentials) and the scope of the test system.
Last updated 03.02.2023

100th WM Release / Suspension of intraday Master data and Corporate Actions

On 11th April 2023, the 100th WM Release will become effective. At the same time, despite the postponement of EDDy_neu, the WM product uGAT (intraday master data and corporate actions) will be discontinued in its current form.


Safe login procedure (SSL) - production system

Each WMACCESS query profile can be accessed via the standard access. The following links, however, lead you directly to frequently used query profiles:

(e. g. to query fields for the reform of investment taxation 2018)


Use this page to find out which query profile contains a particular WM field.

Where to find the WM-Field?

In the safe login procedure your data (user name and password) are encrypted to protect them from the access of third parties.

Test system for WMACCESS test access

You have received a trial? Then login here with the username we've sent you via e-mail and the chosen password during your registry:

Please note the restrictions that apply to the test system. We highly recommend that you have a look at the provided tutorials (step-by-step instructions) and also the overview of the available data in the test system / recommended test cases.


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