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General notes

89th WM Release as of 24.06.2019

Overview of new data fields in our database.

Optimized search function for JV005 / Ongoing indicators

In coordination with WM Datenservice we have now carried out an optimization to simplify the data selection of JV005 and at the same time to display even more records from JV005 for investment funds.

MiFID II - cost transparency with current JV data

To simplify the cost data queries, the detail display for the query profile MiFID II - Cost Transparency has been enhanced with JV Data.


Safe login procedure (SSL) - production system

Each WMACCESS query profile can be accessed via the standard access. The following links, however, lead you directly to frequently used query profiles:

(e. g. to query fields for the reform of investment taxation 2018)


Use this page to find out which query profile contains a particular WM field.

Where to find the WM-Field?

In the safe login procedure your data (user name and password) are encrypted to protect them from the access of third parties.

Test system for WMACCESS test access

You have received a trial? Then login here with the username we've sent you via e-mail and the chosen password during your registry:

Please note the restrictions that apply to the test system. We highly recommend that you have a look at the provided tutorials (step-by-step instructions) and also the overview of the available data in the test system / recommended test cases.


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