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Mastodon is a decentralized microblogging service and is designed as a decentralized network that is not based on a platform: Different servers, operated independently by private individuals or institutions, can interact with each other.

Registered users can distribute short messages on Mastodon. These posts are called "toots" and can contain up to 500 characters and can also be viewed by users without an account.

We "toot" on Mastodon as @WMACCESS@mastodon.social.

𝕏 / Twitter

WMACCESS on X (Twitter)

𝕏, formerly Twitter, is a social network and microblogging service. With X, registered users can publish short messages with a maximum of 280 characters. These short messages are called "Tweets". Besides a short text, you can also implement a link to a website or a PDF file.

We "tweet" on X as WMACCESS.

In Q3 2023, X unfortunately decided to change the availability of tweets and largely exclude users without an account from using X (Twitter).

What do we use Mastodon or 𝕏 for?

Usually for the publication of / information on:

  • useful tips for the handling of WMACCESS
  • useful general information
  • special, usually limited in time, offers
  • attractive products and services
  • updates about maintenance works, service interruptions or failures
  • interesting publications of the WM Datenservice like customer or expert information
  • new functions of WMACCESS
  • alterations of our website
  • other short-term events

Follow our Posts and always be up-to-date. We look forward to new contacts in the social network 𝕏 (Twitter) or Mastodon.

Current WMACCESS "Tweets" / "Toots":

If you already have a 𝕏 (Twitter) account and are logged in, you can use this external link: https://x.com/WMACCESS

If you do not have an 𝕏 account, please use Mastodon instead: https://mastodon.social/@WMACCESS


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