wmView is the basic module by WMACCESS and allows the query of WM data. wmView is available for all WMACCESS users. The structuring of the information is based on the work fields of Wertpapier-Mitteilungen.

wmView provides an individual search function for each of the following work fields:

  • (M) Issuer data
  • (P) Invalidated Securities
  • (Q) Calculated bond prices
  • (R) Investment and risk management
  • (U) Conversions and exchanges
  • (V) Drawings and callings
  • (X) Order, trade, clearing

Besides wmView a further query function for WM data is available for all users of WMACCESS with wmProfile. wmProfile provides subject-specific (partial) views on WM data. A profile contains fields of a specific topic, independent of the relevant WM work field. The profile Corporate Actions, for example, enables a comprehensive search of the non-static data work fields of the WM Datenservice.

Furthermore, we also create institution or user-specific query profiles in accordance with individual requirements. In the so-called user profiles, adjustments can be made in the work fields of search mask, hit list and detail display


The WMACCESS Cheat Sheet is a miniature, comprehensive reference work that comprises useful information for the efficient use of wmView and the wmProfile.


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