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Five simple steps to productive use:

  • Download contract
  • Download contract: The contract copy is an interactive PDF with form fields that you can fill in directly on your computer.
  • Print (optional): This step is only necessary if you want to print the document for handwritten signature.
  • Sign: We accept digital signatures, for example from DocuSign, as well as handwritten signatures.
  • Scan (optional): Only necessary if you have printed the document and signed it by hand. If you use a digital signature, please skip this step.
  • Send: You can send us the completed and signed copy of the contract by email to service@wmaccess.com. If scanning is not possible for you, you can also send the printed and hand-signed contract copy by post to CPB Software (Germany) GmbH.

Please note the information and instructions on the first page of the contract.

Free express setup:

Do you urgently need access to WMACCESS? Send us the digitally signed or hand-signed, scanned copy of the contract by email. We can usually provide you with the credentials via email within 30 to 120 minutes.

Our email address is: service@wmaccess.com

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Phone: +49 9371 9786-58

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